23 abril, 2020

Studios Tv

The Faculty of Communication and International Relations has two sets/studios.

To be able to access these spaces, you must talk to the technicians at least 48 hours in advance, to see the viability of the proposed project and to be able to prepare the space before entering the recording.

Once evaluated the project will proceed to reserve the space in the office of coordination of equipment (loft).

If you need to bring guests who are not part of the Blanquerna community, you must ask for authorization at:

Access form for external people to the Faculty. This link can only be accessed through the Blanquerna mail.

Once the activity is over, the set must be left clean and tidy.

Studio 1

  • Located in the second basement of the main building.
  • This set has a chroma green wall, a black curtain and a light ocher that occupy the entire main wall and meters on each side (forming a small U)
  • In front of the chroma there are stands for seating, with 20 seats.

Studio 2
This set is located in the basement of the Library building, next to the auditorium.

  • It is a space ready to simulate virtual spaces and is designed for news.
  • It has a chroma on two walls forming an angle, and on the floor.
  • It is not possible to vary the lighting.
  • For news “program” it is advisable to drive them only one person and a maximum of two.