23 abril, 2020

Studio Tv 1

This set has a large space, with a chrome wall that can be covered with an ocher color or black curtain.

The main lighting is hung from the ceiling, and can be adjusted by a lighting control panel.

Hanging spotlights cannot be moved, but you can choose which ones to use and at what intensity (see attached sheet).

The Lighting is distributed in:

  • News set
  • Neutral background interview set
  • Set for interviews with audiences
  • Set for small performances
  • General space in front of the curtains for debates or other purposes.

Organization of jobs. 

The following roles must be covered to be able to make a live recording.

  • Director. Directs the entire crew. Decides which angle the camera must shoot from (passing orders to camera operators via intercom), entrance timing for cameras filming live, or when a pre-recorded clip is shown, was well as the use of graphics or audio clips.


  • Video mixer. Selects which camera or clip is recorded at any time under indications of the director. Also responsible for preparing clips (cliplist) or superimposed text.


  • Audio mixer. Controls the connection and disconnection of microphones and sets their volume, as well as other sound items such as effects and pre-recorded clips


  • Stage manager. Transmits orders from the director to everyone on the set who is not connected by intercom such as those carrying out the program, participants in front of the cameras, the audience, audio and lighting technicians, etc.


  • Camera operators. This set has three cameras, so there is a maximum of three people who can carry out this task. They receive instructions via intercom as to how to frame and focus the scene.

For sound recording we have four wireless lapel microphones and three shotgun microphones permanently installed. Using a patch, we can connect two cane microphones or two lapel microphones with the use of cables.

This set is not equipped with props.

Location of the light projectors (Set 1). The numbering of each projector corresponds to the intensity controls on the lighting control panel.

Up to 6 spotlights with tripods can also be connected (to sockets located on the walls) and regulated by the lighting control panel (provided that the spotlights are not LED).

Control Studio 1