23 abril, 2020

Radio Studios

The Faculty has two radio studios and three individual workstations, connected to the Dalet System. Located on the 1st floor (underground)

The three individual workstations, located in the corridor in front of the radio studios, are intended to prepare work to be done in the studio, or to retrieve work already done. At these stations it is also possible to edit audio tracks, but there is no possibility to record sound. When these computers are connected to the same server, there is access to the files stored in Dalet, regardless of the computer created. The access to the individual workstations is free access, unlike the Radio Studio, it is necessary to reserve in advance in the office of equipment (Altell floor).

In radio studios you will always find a fellow who will provide technical support.

Format of audio files

The working format of Dalet is Broadcast MPEG1L2 at 48000Hz, 256000bps 6: 1

If it comes in other formats like mp3, it is necessary to re-encode the program you find in the toolbar of the PC, with the name “Media-Human Audio Converter”

Then open the program, drag the files inside the program window and convert to the Wav-stereo 48000Hz format.

The result will go to the conversion folder, from there drag them directly into the Dalet folder you have assigned


Radio studio 1

Radio studio 2