2 November, 2020

Norms for Personal Projects and for Alumni

Students and Alumni* of the Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations, can access the following equipment to carry out their personal projects during periods of low academic activity (September and October / June and July). As a general rule, film equipment is not lent during the vacation periods (August, Christmas and Easter).

* Students who are part of the Alumni community will be eligible to borrow equipment for two years after graduation.

Equipment available for these projects are:

  • Sony FS7 Camera or Sony a6500 Camera.

Lighting equipment: 1 case of 2 large leds, 1 case of 2 Dedolights and 1 bag of 3 fresnel (500w).

Audio equipment: Boom pole and microphone set, and lapel microphones.

Zoom H4N.

Studio 1.

Studio 2 (Virtual).

Edition room.

Radio studio.

In order to request this equipment, you must submit a project and fill out the project form

This project will be evaluated before by the Academic Committee and, if approved, the applicant must commit to fulfilling the established conditions. However, the School reserves the right to cancel the reservation at any time due to academic needs.


  • The equipment can only be picked up and returned by the person for whom the reservation was made at the equipment office.

  • It is understood that whoever orders the equipment knows how it works.

  • The person who made the reservation will be responsible for returning the equipment in the same condition as when it was handed over.

  • The reservation of all the requested equipment must be made in a single request.

  • If there are people outside the School (who are not students) on the technical team of an audiovisual project and who have to use the equipment of the School (Directors of Photography, sound technicians …), approval must be provided by those responsible for the degree program and by the Equipment Service. In addition, the Schools’s material can only be picked up and returned by students or alumni of the School.

  • In order for people from outside the School to have access, an access form must be completed and sent to: fccseguretat@blanquerna.url.edu.