2 November, 2020

How to save a project on XSAN

When you begin a project (1) and point two(2) indicates Hard Drive,

you are not working on XSAN

How to save a project on XSAN

1. File > New > Library

2. Select the XSAN server in the column on the left and open your seminar folder to create a new one with the name of your project in it. Save your changes.

3. Create a new project with a name which identifies it correctly


Check that your project (3) is associated with XSAN (4)

How to Import project files

We can work in two ways.

  • Import the clips into the project (only when working on the same computer and with the same profile)

  • Create a folder with all the material and associate it with the project. (whenever working on XSAN)

If you are working on a long project, it is better to have the files in a separate folder and associate it with the FinalCut project.

You have to choose this option at the beginning of the project, before importing the files.

In this case, the project videos are associated with a folder outside the project.

You can now import all the files you need for the project.