23 April, 2020

Equipment Warehouse

  • You will find it going downstairs in front of the Studio Tv 1.

  • This warehouse is where you have to pick up and return the filming equipment, which you have previously booked in Coordination of Equipment (Altell).

  • To get the equipment it’s necessary that the person who has reserved them come with their Faculty ID, at the time that appears on the grid of the equipment website.

  • It is recommended to check all the equipment you bring before leaving the Faculty (but do not do it in front of the warehouse !!).

  • As you sometimes carry a lot of material, you may miss a cable, battery or any accessory.

  • If you have any questions about the operation of any device, you can consult the Equipment website, in the ” Manuals equipment ” section.

  • Equipment must be returned at the appointed time. Failure to do so may harm your colleagues and this delay may be penalized.

  • The person assigned the material is responsible for the proper use of the equipment and must ensure that it is complete. In case of misuse, will be asked for explanations.